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Okay people, butts are in again. They're so in, they're better than abs, at least according to Women's Health. Although there shouldn't be a reason to choose either: why not have both?  Read more
FITNESS TIPS    Apr 24, 2014 13:31
Did you know that using barbells for lower body exercises lets you lift a substantial amount of weight. "The issue with dumbbells for exercises like squats and lunges is that grip strength is a limiting factor," says Schoenfeld. Because your lower body is generally much stronger than your upper body, your grip strength tends to give way long before your legs do. But using a barbell eliminates that problem.  Read more
FITNESS TIPS    Apr 24, 2014 12:47
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. These flower-inspired hair ideas are the real deal. So if you're looking for a way to make a big impression, check out the video tutorials below:  Read more
BEAUTY TIPS    Apr 18, 2014 10:53
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