Instead of carrying around a bracelet with your health details on it, why not just get a list of what you're allergic to tattooed right on your skin?

The Associated Press reports that a growing number of patients in the US suffering from allergies, diabetes and other conditions, who are turning to medical tattoos in order to send a message to medical professionals during emergencies:
Says Melissa Boyer: "It's been 29 years that I've had (diabetes), and I went through I-don't-know-how-many bracelets. I went and got the tattoo, and it made life easier." Dr. Ed Friedlander, meanwhile, doesn't have allergies or diabetes. But he doesn't want paramedics to do CPR if his heart stops, so he had "no CPR" tattooed on his chest. He says, "Bracelets are nice, but something as strong as a tattoo ... that is a strong statement."
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