There is plenty of evidence on the harmful affects of sugar to one's health, but is controlling sales through taxation and legislation our final solution?

In a commentary published online in the Feb. 1 issue of Nature headlined "The toxic truth about Sugar," experts are pushing for a major shift in public policy to combat the danger, comparing sugar to poison and saying its sale should be as tightly regulated just like other vices.

They warn that sugary foods and drinks are responsible for illnesses including obesity, heart disease, cancer and liver problems. They also claim it contributes to 35million deaths a year worldwide, and that getting people to kick the habit would require much more than simple education and awareness campaigns.

They also point out several other countries who are leading by example, imposing taxes on unhealthy food:"Denmark and Hungary have a tax on saturated fat, while France has approved a tax on soft drinks."

In response, the US Food and Drink Federation has reportedly said that "demonising" food was not helpful and the key to health was a balanced diet.