Come Together

Discover 10 ways to achieve better health and wellbeing. Find out how you can lose weight, improve your diet, take care of your heart, as well as boost your energy and increase your amount of regular exercise. If you want to enjoy your life more, then there are steps that can help you become healthier for life!

1. Lose Weight

2. Take More Exercise

3. Eat sensibly, with a well balanced diet.

4. Look after your heart and it will look after you.

5. Increase your energy by speeding up your metabolism.

6. Be kind to yourself. Make time for you.

7. Be positive. Your thoughts are what make you what you are.

8. Enjoy Family Life, join in games and go out as a family.

9. Improve your knowledge; you are never too old to learn.

10. Drink more water; there are no calories in water.

Lose Weight

You can lose weight successfully and healthily when you follow a safe and balanced weight loss plan. Losing weight will help you look and feel healthier. You’ll be in better shape and you’ll even have more energy. Adopt the Mantra, ‘I look good and I feel great’ and feel positive about yourself.

You might be surprised when you get that first compliment – but get used to it! Once you start achieving your weight loss goals, you will be full of energy and vitality and in better shape.

Did you put aside your favourite outfits thinking you were doomed to fat clothes? Well pull them out of the back of the closet and learn to love your ‘new’ wardrobe.

Increase Your Exercise

The more you exercise the more calories you will burn. You don’t need to go over the top to get some benefit. Start with walking regularly or even just listen to your favourite CD and dance for a bit. Don’t start on an exercise regime that you can’t keep up with. Build up slowly and steadily for lasting results.

Exercising will increase weight loss, boost your energy and even helps you feel great by releasing endorphins, natural chemicals the body produces that will lift your mood.

Eat a Well Balanced and Nutritious Diet

If you follow a well balanced diet, or even if you supplement your diet with vitamins; your overall health will improve and your energy and wellbeing will increase. Your body runs better when it is well nourished, so remember this when you are selecting foods and deliver that nourishment.

Take Care of Your Heart and It Will Take Care of You

Our hearts are a vital organ and we need to look after them. It’s never too late or early to get started. Boost your heart health with supplements such as Omega 3, 6 and 9. Capsules with these heart friendly supplements are sold in Health Food Shops. Most importantly of all, take whatever medication your GP has prescribed to you, even if you begin to feel much better.

Boost Your Energy

You can increase your energy by choosing foods that speed your metabolism. A popular diet that has shown weight loss results is the Mediterranean Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is a diet that is generally filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, especially dark green leafy ones, and includes olive oil and fish.

Be Kind to Yourself by Making Time for You

Give yourself a bit of pampering every so often. Look after yourself and feel good. Why not spend the evening manicuring your nails and give yourself a facial or use a mudpack. Put on your favourite music, or watch a video. The point is to choose what you want to listen to or watch, not what someone else tells you to do.

Get a massage

An aromatherapy massage can be very beneficial. Why not get someone to give you a relaxing massage to make you feel better. Make a time to have this done that is different to the pampering session.

Be Positive.

Your thoughts are what make you who you are. If you have a positive mental attitude, you will feel better about the world. Train yourself to push out any negative thoughts that threaten to creep in and instead focus on good things when this happens.

Remind yourself you are wonderful, even if you don’t always feel it. Our minds have great power, so continue to reinforce the positives and your subconscious mind will start to recognise this as the truth.

Enjoy You Family Life

Spend plenty of time with your family and enjoy the love and support these relationships offer. Let your family know how much you love them and take the time to play games and enjoy time with the kids. Never forget the old saying “The family that play together stays together.”

Don’t just limit this to the kids either; make time to spend the occasional romantic evening alone with your partner.

Improve Your Knowledge

Maintain your childlike curiosity about the world and don’t ever stop learning. This is a powerful way to be healthier and happier. So don’t ever stop that childlike desire to keep asking why.

Drink More Water

Drink plenty of water and keep your body healthy and free from build up of toxins. If you don’t drink enough water, you risk being constipated and other health issues.