Take heed if someone complains about your loud snoring as it might serve as an indicator of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes:
Researchers examined the sleep habits of 812 adults, ages 45 to 74, who did not have metabolic syndrome at the start of the study. After three years, 14 percent of the adults had developed metabolic syndrome.

Adults who had trouble falling asleep had an 80 percent higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome than adults who slept normally. And adults who had unrefreshing sleep had a 70 percent higher risk of metabolic syndrome than adults who slept normally, according to the study.

However, after the researchers examined the effects of each type of sleep disturbance independently, they found that only loud snoring and difficulty falling asleep predicted the development of metabolic syndrome, the researchers said.
All in all, the study showed that adults who snore loudly and frequently were twice as likely to develop metabolic syndrome over a three-year period as adults who don't snore.

via Livescience