Based on the findings of one of the largest-ever survey on bedbug infestations ever conducted, bedbug-related cases have risen by 81% over the last decade.

Sponsored by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), this data was compiled from questionnaires were sent to nearly 6,000 pest control businesses across the country between January and April of this year. Just over 500 responded.

According to the results:
  • 95% of the responding companies reported treating bedbug infestations during the previous year. Infestations occurred in all regions of the U.S.
  • 20% of companies reported treating for bedbug infestations more than 100 times during this time period -- up from 6% just two years prior.
  • Nearly 90% said they had treated infestations in houses, apartments, or condos, while 67% had treated for bedbugs in hotels or motels, 17% in office buildings, 12% in hospitals, and 10% in primary/secondary schools.
Despite several widely reported closures of retail stores and office buildings in New York City, bedbug infestations are still far more common in apartments and condominiums, single-family homes and hotels and motels. Yet they're also turning up in some surprising places, such as public transit, laundromats and movie theaters.

via WebMD