A new report declared that many cosmetics are filled with chemicals - some of which are potentially damaging to its user's health. The Daily Mail rings the alarm, saying that all the stuff we pile on - from our hair, to our faces, to our nails, to our bodies - causes all sorts of problems that we probably wouldn't notice (except for the rashes, of course).

In fact, the research by Bionsen, a "natural" deodorant company, found that the average woman's daily usage of makeup and cosmetics has up to 515 different synthetic chemicals. Many of the chemicals are also used in products like household cleaners, and have been linked to all sorts of health problems from allergies to fertility problems, to cancer. Lots of cosmetics are also known to cause the skin to age faster.

There are those pesky parabens, for example, which are one of the most widely used preservatives in the world for shampoos, gels, lotions and such. According to various studies, parabens are linked to serious health problems like breast cancer, and while some parabens are assumed to be safe, they may mutate and become toxic when exposed to sunlight - causing more problems.

But of course, the industry insists that cosmetics are safe. The Cosmetic Toiletries and Perfumery Association proclaimed: "Stringent laws require all cosmetics to be safe, and each product undergoes a rigorous safety assessment. The number of ingredients in a product, or whether it is natural or man-made, has no bearing on how safe it is." They also say that the chemicals in safe doses are harmless.

The Mail then makes quite a good point, saying that women are piling on more and more products, and use them every single day - from morning to night - and for many years. And it's not like every woman reads the product labels and finds out what each and every chemical does to her body.

Women therefore need to be a little more educated on the subject, and be aware of how these cosmetics affect them. Although it doesn't actually kill you (many chemicals are only linked, not the exact cause), the fact that there are toxins floating around your body is worrying.

If you want to reduce your chemical intake with cosmetics, the easiest way is to cut back on the usage of all those beauty products. Don't get too freaked out about the chart though, because nobody wants to go around smelling of body odour and greasy, stale hair. And we doubt that every female experiences "rashes; irritation; hormonal disruption" when using cosmetics. But do try to use natural or organic products, and just be aware of the chemicals in them.

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