Around the world, the general trends show a rise in the feelings of positive regards towards the controversial drug, cannabis. This positive regard is not surprising. Where once we lacked enough scientific skill and knowledge to differentiate the good from the bad, the government thought it best to ban the drug. However, as we grow ever more efficient in our ways, we have begun to question what really is good for us.

Cannabis – The Real Question:

The same question when considered in the context of cannabis led us to the conclusion that in reality, cannabis is a drug that offers net benefits, but when consumed with caution. This is because cannabis also has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is known to by psychoactive – intoxicating. This intoxication is what led to a ban on the drug in the first place. The THC occurs naturally and can be harmful.

However, the THC is not the only component inside cannabis. The much-acclaimed CBD – which stands for Cannabidiol is known to be the main proponent of benefit in cannabis. Not only has CBD led to a reemergence of Cannabis and its subsequent legalization for medicinal purposes in various parts of the world but has also opened up research avenues in different field.

This Cannabidiol is made into CBD oil, but not directly. CBD is found in the type of cannabis plant called hemp. This hemp is used to make CBD oil that is used in states that have legalized it. Various products using hemp also contain chewing gums and creams as well. Of the several benefits stemming from it, most are mentioned below:

· Pain Relief:

Of the several different features of CBD, the most significant is pain relief. CBD is known to alter the level of activity of the endocannabinoid system inside the body to bring about a control in pain. This may also reduce inflammation. However, it must also be clarified here that most CBD oils that are used for pain relief may also contain a fraction of THC which makes its function more effective by inducing sleep in the process. This is then also used in medical procedures where patients undergo excessive pain as a part of the process.

· Anxiety and Depression:

In the realm of mental health, of the very few solutions that exist for patients, CBD oil is one. The significance of CBD oil in this context is amplified by the fact that the pharmaceutical drugs typically used to treat these disorders usually cause a number of side effects that often become uncontrollable at a later stage.

Several studies and experiments have shown the positive effects of CBD oil in treating anxiety, depression and even sleep disorders like insomnia. It has also been observed that CBD is safe to be used in children, but medical advice must be heeded in such a situation.

Using CBD Oil Every Day:

Even with such a huge number of health benefits that CBD entails, it has been observed that the growth of the field has been relatively slow. The stigma attached still plays a real part in this slow growth. But it is not just the growth that this stigma hinders. The stigma also creates paranoia among users who then become extra vigilant about their CBD consumption routine and worry about the quantity to be used. This gives rise to alarm and questions asking whether it is safe to use CBD every day.

The answer to whether it is safe to take CBD Oil every day is shrouded in a number of other questions. For instance, answering how potent the CBD is a prerequisite to answering whether you should take it every day. The potency then again depends on a number of different factors such as the dosage, strength of CBD and your own metabolic rates.

Where essentially different people can handle different potencies, it is almost impossible to have one answer to whether you should use CBD oil every day. The underlying principle in such a case is to make sure that you clearly understand that you keep the effect on your body in mind. This requires a bit of experimenting too.

Experimenting – How to:

The safe way to experiment these effects is to find the lowest potency of CBD for yourself. Since CBD takes effect slowly, you might not feel sudden energy surges, but you must not let this undermine the potency of the oil. Once you begin to understand the effect that this CBD oil is having on you, you will begin to understand the kind of dosage that you can handle.

You might decide that you need a dosage before your lunch, dinner or first thing in the morning. You will also come to understand the frequency of CBD that you might need. However, during all this you must keep track of any discomfort that you might feel so that you may understand your limitations.

This way you will find whether taking CBD every day is something for you or not.