It’s safe to say that cannabis oil is a fairly well-known phenomenon and most people either personally knows someone who’s used it, are using it themselves or have at least heard about it. This is especially so in places where cannabis use has been legalized either for medicinal or recreational use. That said, there is still much to learn about cannabis oil and what it can do for one’s health and wellbeing, which is why we’ve decided to write this short article to help you find out more about its amazing benefits. 

What is Cannabis Oil?
Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, which has varying amounts of the CBD and THC compounds. The most commonly used cannabis oil extraction method is known as butane extraction, and the benefit with using this method is that the butane itself simply evaporates when you heat it with the cannabis, leaving behind an extract that is rich in potent cannabinoids (i.e. CBD and THC). Once it is in oil form, the cannabis is easier to ingest without necessarily cooking the leafy part of the plant. 

Cannabis Oil Uses
Believe it or not, humans have been utilizing cannabis oil for millennia for various reasons including medicinal benefits, to connect with their deeper selves, as an aphrodisiac, for creativity, for relaxation and to increase focus. However, nowadays cannabis oil is mostly utilized for medicinal purposes, thanks to the healing power of the cannabinoids found in the plant. In fact, cannabis has been scientifically proven to heal a large number of illnesses, including:   

- Anorexia
- Anxiety 
- Arthritis
- Chronic pain
- Cachexia
- Cancer
- Glaucoma
- Heart problems 
- Indigestion
- Lack of appetite 
- Ongoing muscle spasms
- Severe nausea
- Stress 
- Spasticity
- Migraines
- Seizures 

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the health benefits that you can enjoy by utilizing cannabis oil:

- Reduced stress and anxiety:
Most people who use cannabis oil take it for stress relief and to reduce anxiety levels. The THC in the cannabis oil releases certain pleasure hormones which in turn, help to promote an overall feeling of relaxation and calmness that immediately diminishes stress and anxiety. 

- Improves appetite:
Regardless of how you consume cannabis, you’re bound to experience “the munchies”, which simply refers to an increase in appetite and appreciation for food. The best part about consuming cannabis oil is that it not only increases the appetite, but it also promotes improved digestion, making it the perfect remedy for anyone that wants to gain weight in a healthy manner. 

- Improves sleep:
A lot of people who struggle with insomnia have overcome the problem simply by using cannabis oil. That’s because cannabis oil works to relax the mind and body, reduces the heart rate, and calms your energy levels to help you unwind after a long day so that it’s easier for you to enjoy a night of peaceful night of undisturbed sleep.   

- Pain relief:
Cannabis oil has proven to be a very effective pain relief agent for those who suffer from any type of chronic pain and/ or inflammation, and that’s what makes cannabis oil a viable pain relief option for cancer sufferers because it reduces the amount of pain that they feel during treatment. Cannabis oil can also help to reduce headaches and migraines. 

- Cancer prevention:
Studies which have been done on the effects of cannabis oil on cancer show that it can significantly reduce the size of tumors. Also, the active ingredients are very effective at actually preventing cancer in the first place. 

- Reduces glaucoma:
Those with eye problems will be glad to know that cannabis oil can help to reduce your chances of developing glaucoma and other eye ailments. 

- Skin protecting:
Thanks to the versatility of cannabis oil you can ingest it or lather it onto your skin to enjoy glowing skin, a reduced appearance of wrinkles and ageing signs, while also protect your skin from skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

- Promotes heart health:
Ingesting cannabis oil can help to eliminate excess cholesterol while stimulating antioxidants that help to improve cardiovascular health.