Eating and drinking healthy helps us to maintain a good body. Cooking healthy foods does not necessarily require you to stop making your favorite meals or spend a lot of money in buying the ingredients for cooking. But rather, it means preparing the foods that you love more healthily. 

Also, you don’t need to be a professional chef to be able to make healthy meals since the following tips can guide you in making healthy foods and drinks just like a professional:

Reduce fat when cooking.
If you love to deep fry your food, reduce the oil by dry frying. This helps you reduce the fats absorbed in your diet with about 70 percent. Make sure you use nonstick cooking pot, so the food does not get burnt, cook at a moderate heat and also add water in the place of oil if the food starts to stick on the cooking pot.

Reduce salt usage.
Salt is related to various health problems which include high blood pressure, heart diseases among others. So you can reduce the amount of salt you use when cooking by opting to season using herbal spices like black pepper, lemon, and other herbs. These herbs help in reducing salt usage since you will only require adding it when cooking the food. Some of the best meals to season with these ingredients are the meats.

Reduce sugar intake.
Sugar is used in both cooking and drinks whereby it is added to the baked foods such as cakes, doughnuts and in drinks like beverages and refreshing drinks. In the case where you blend fresh juice, avoid adding water since it dilutes the natural sweetness hence you may be required to add the artificial sugar for sweetening purposes. Just blend the amount of juice that will be enough for your family and avoid adding water and sugar since such drinks are naturally sweet. Also, in other beverages such as the coffee and tea use natural honey instead of sugars. Visit to get some tips on how to make different drinks such as cocktails, and mocktail served in some of the best restaurants using healthy ingredients.

Avoid frying your meat.
The best way to make healthy meat is to avoid adding oil to it. Most restaurants do not fry their meat using oils, but instead, they opt for healthy cooking methods such as grilling, roasting and stir-frying. Make sure to trim off the areas that have fat before you start cooking the meat to get rid of the excess oils. You should visit CORRIE COOKS, to learn more about healthy recipes.

You don’t have to go to the most expensive hotels to enjoy a good meal, use the above guides to help you in making the most healthy and delicious foods. You can still enjoy your chicken thigh or pork chops but by ensures that you use healthy and appropriate methods of cooking. When frying, make sure to do so under low heat to avoid burning the food or avoid the need of adding more oil to the diet.