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For all the effort we put into maintaining our skin, our youth, our hair and more, we can forget why exactly we do this. All our beauty tips usually come from one place. We want the confidence to face the world without fear and feeling good about the way we look is just one way to make sure of this. So we’ve put together this list of tips with confidence in mind. Take care of yourself and that self-belief will be so much easier to reach.  Read more
HEALTH TIPS    Jan 28, 2016 23:17
The metabolism depends on your age, sex, and genes. Some people are just fat burners just like when you gorge on junk food and do not put on a pound. However, with exercise, and clever food and drink tricks, it’s possible to speed up your rate. Here are some easy and sneaky tips to crank up your calories burn.  Read more
FITNESS TIPS    Jan 27, 2016 23:36
We know some people this month will have made the resolution for a healthier year. Perhaps you promised yourself you’d eat less junk food or maybe that you’d go to the gym. How’s that going so far? Don’t worry, by mid January most resolutions are already out the window but your health is particularly tricky to hold on to. We all want to be healthy but it can be difficult to know what to do to make sure we’re looking after ourselves. That’s why we think you’ll find these tips rather helpful.  Read more
HEALTH TIPS    Jan 21, 2016 00:28
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