Practicing the perfect form while working out can save you from a ton of aches and injuries later. And while you might think squatting doesn't take much effort, then you're probably doing it all wrong.


According to John Romaniello, trainer, author and founder of Roman Fitness Systems, part of the problem is starting with your feet too close together, which causes the heels to slightly lift off the ground as you bend.


To avoid this, keep your balance by more solidly grounding your feet in a wider stance. You'll stay steady and strong as you squat deeper, which in turn allows you to lower your body all the way until you could be sitting in an invisible chair.

If your knees seem to drift inward, this can compromise stability resulting in a fall. To avoid this, position the legs so the knees and toes point slightly outward. This will engage the glutes and keep the knees from drifting in.

via Huffington Post