They say muscles make the man. But how does a man get those muscles in the first place without making a fool of himself? Just follow these 8 simple growth principles:
Dumbbell Clean and Press
Start off each rep with the weights at your sides and then lifting them to your shoulders. This will help double the amount of time your arm, shoulder, and upper-back muscles spend working, and will build muscles faster.

Barbell Squat
The squat is the most important exercise for building mass.

Straight-Leg Deadlift
Do this just after squats to give your hamstrings an extra stimulus.

Chest-Supported Row
Performing a row with your chest against a bench prevents you from straining your lower back.

The great thing about the pullup is that it’s a double-duty form of movement; It helps build your lats and abs at the same time. Set a goal for 20 pullups to improve your abdominal strength.

Barbell Bench Press
Combined with the clean and press, the bench press provides all the work you need for your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Barbell Curl
To perform the curl, keep your elbows aligned with the torso, no rocking, and back straight. This is great for building big arms.

Farmer's Walk
This is the best movement is for size and strength.  Put half of your body weight in each hand and take some steps, and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn in the morning.