Many people who claim getting in shape as being "too expensive" are really doing their health a disservice. Forget those expensive gym memberships and exercise equipment; here are a couple of cheaper alternatives to help get your butt in shape without breaking your budget:
  • Try running. For all you non-runners out there, you can start by running in small doses followed by walking. Then gradually increase the length of time you run and decrease the amount of time you walk. Go as slow or as fast as you want. People who see you run are not judging you. If you happen to find running by yourself terribly boring, join a running club (or group). Or start a club of your own by asking friends who are just as keen to get fit.
  • Make your own gym. Find a way to acquire your own basic gym supplies and an exercise mat so you can start working out at home. You don't need much, just a couple of sets of dumbbells at a manageable weight, maybe a resistance band or an exercise ball will do. Get creative by using your home environment as a gym. Those stairs are more than for getting you from one floor to another. You can even try a little DIY by filling water bottles with sand and using them as weights.
  • Use the internet as a resource. There are plenty of great exercise videos waiting to be found online.
  • Volunteer. Bet you didn't think that your karmic fitness could be tied to your physical fitness, did you? Consider volunteering to help coach a kids' sports team, working in a community garden, or at your nearest pet shelter. Manual labour is the best way to motivate yourself to stay fit.
  • Consider alternate ways to get to work, if you can. Consider biking or walking, even if it takes more time. Of course, you should always plan ahead by creating multiple routes to keep yourself safe yet on time.
  • Work as a fitness instructor. This is a brilliant solution for anyone who wants to get paid while working out. Scour local gyms and see if they're looking to hire junior trainers!
Remember that if you truly wish to become physically stronger and more capable, have a goal and stick to it! But if you wish to work out in a more traditional gymnasium like environment, check out public sports facilities. Many of them should offer cheaper memberships compared to more well-known gyms. Be on the lookout for local dance studios, gyms, or yoga studios offering free trials, and take advantage of those offers.