Can't be bothered to hit the gym after work? Maybe you should try going before breakfast, because a new study suggests exercising before eating the most important meal of the day aids countering a high-calorie diet.

Researchers in Belgium had 28 healthy, young men consume a diet of 50% fat (which was 30% more calories than they had been previously eating). The men were divided into three groups: One group didn't exercise at all; the second group performed four, strenuous hour-long workout sessions after breakfast per week; and the third group performed exactly the same exercise routine as the second, but did so before they ate breakfast.

Six weeks later, they found that the non-exercisers gained an average of six pounds. But what was striking is that the group that worked out before breakfast gained no weight, whereas the after breakfast group put on an average of three pounds. That's a pretty good reason to rise and exercise before you dig in to that box of Cheerios!

via NYTimes