Losing weight is something many people today have decided they need to do. The reasons for loosing this weight are equal to the number of people wanting to loose it. The first thing that many people do is to cut down on their food intake thinking the weight will just disappear, unfortunately this is far from the truth. When we eat less, our ability to loose the weight we want to loose becomes harder since our body needs food in order to burn off the food.

It is not possible to loose weight overnight unless you have a procedure to have it accomplished, however, if you do not change your habits, chances are you will end up right back where you were or worse. There is too many false hopes out there today, all these miracle treatments to help you loose weight which are only there so that someone makes money. And it is not the person who is trying to loose the weight.

The biggest belief is that many of the people that are overweight as that way because they just take in too many calories. Although this may play a role, it is a small role simply for the fact that the average daily intakes of calories were far greater 50 years ago then it is today. Long before McDonalds opened its first restaurant, people were taking in more calories on a daily basis then the calories they would take in at the McDonalds.

In general belief, the major cause of being overweight is the fact that as a society, we have become lazier. Studies have shown that children who play outside with their friends everyday after school are more fit than those who sit at home all day in front of a television or computer. As we get older, this path to self destruction gets worse. At least in school we all walked to school and had to participate in PE. Most adults will get up in the morning, go through their morning routine, walk to their car and drive for an hour to work, then another short walk till they are sitting in their office. As you can see, they are not that active.

Exercise is the most important aspects to loosing weight and keeping it off. Just look around you at everyday people. Those who drive for a living tend to be of a heavier weight, those who labor all day like contractors appear to be lighter, and those who sit in an office all day seem to gain the most weight the fastest.

The point is that without an exercise routine, no diet will work. Not to mention the fact that many people who do manage to loose their weight will gain it back within a year. Why this happens is that they think that since the weight is gone, their work is over and return to their previous routines. After you loose the weight, you have to keep working at it. As long as you are eating and exercising, your body will determine its true weight.