The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the physical activity of adults should include at least 75 minutes of active exercises or 150 minutes of calmer activity per week. You just need to decide on what activity would you like to spend this time and how hard will it be. 

Here are the examples: 

Work out with medium intensity: brisk walking, dancing, gardening and housework, picking up mushrooms and berries, active games with children and pets, repairs, carrying things less than 20 kg. 

Work out with high intensity: running, walking up the hill, fast cycling, aerobics, fast swimming, competitive sports, and team games (football, volleyball, basketball, and others), digging the ground, carrying things heavier than 20 kg. 

 It is also very important to plan your day in such a way, so you have time to rest and enjoying some relaxing activities, such as watching movies, reading a book, or playing your favorite online casino game. You can choose one of the best online casino Philippines and spend your evening after working out in a calm and relaxing atmosphere of online gambling at your cozy home.

How training keeps you healthy 

Regular exercise causes a number of positive changes in the body and protects you from dangerous diseases. This is what training gives you specifically. 

1. Help to lose weight - Obesity increases the risk of getting diabetes, kidney and gall bladder diseases, heart and blood vessels, cancer, and death from any cause.

2. Improve the work of the cardiovascular system - Continuous training throughout life helps maintain vascular elasticity and heart health in older age. 

3. Reduce Cancer Risk - exercises protect against cancer by reducing weight and inflammation in the body, normalizing hormones, boosting immunity, and speeding up the transit of food in the gastrointestinal tract. 

4. Support mental health - Training helps to fight depression, stress, and emotional problems. On average, physically active people experience negative mental effects 1.5 times less often than those who do not exercise. 

 These reasons might force you to start training just today. We all want to stay healthy and young as long as possible. The effect will depend on you and your actions only. No one else might take care of your body and health except for you.

How to train to get the maximum profit for your health 

For health, any workout is suitable during which your heart rate rises above 120 beats per minute, and you breathe faster and sweat. 

It can be running, swimming, cycling, skiing, team sports, martial arts, dancing, group fitness programs, hiking - anything. The necessary load can be obtained even without leaving your home, performing complexes of simple exercises with your own weight for 20-30 minutes. 

 If you don’t have enough time for sports, try high-intensity interval training. They are just as effective for weight loss and healthy heart and blood vessels as regular cardio but take much less time. 

It is also advisable to perform strength exercises for all muscle groups at least twice a week. If you add such training to your weekly schedule, you will prevent muscle loss - strength training helps maintain and increase muscle mass at any age.

Another good thing is a boost of metabolism - by increasing the percentage of muscles in your body, you will burn more calories even while resting, which means it will be easier for you to maintain a healthy weight. 

With strength training, you will increase the benefits for the heart and blood vessels even more - strength training reduces the risk of heart diseases as well as aerobic trainings. It is better to combine these types of activities.