She’s a Victoria’s Secret "Angel," was number one in Maxim Magazine’s 2008 hot list and last year graced the coveted cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition — but Marisa Miller works hard for her stunning six-pack and her secret involves a lot of sweating, socking and splashing.

"I box a lot, I spin and I surf," Miller told Tarts at the launch of Naturally Victoria’s Secret Beauty at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday. "I try to mix it up. I obviously have to be in shape 24 hours and the gym can be super monotonous, so I just get outside and try to make it fun so my body doesn’t get bored."

But it turns out that the California native does have to cheat a little in order to hide her (gasp) cellulite when getting ready to strut in a swimsuit.

"Skin is huge and there are so many great bronzers. Self tanners were a little funky ten years ago but the color is a lot better now. That’s the most important thing, if you have a little glow it really hides imperfections - bruises, spider veins, we all have little cellulite," Miller added. "When you have that glow and you’re moisturized the light hits you in a different way. Especially after winter we have really dry skin it’s important to exfoliate, moisturize and do a self-tanner."

And even though millions of men across the world have probably spent hours drooling over the lingerie lass, Miller herself feels much more lauded when she gets a little love from the ladies.

"Not to discredit the guys, but when a woman gives a compliment it’s very special. There is nothing more flattering than a woman to say ‘I’m a fan’ or ‘I think you’re beautiful’," she added. "I don’t know why, but it means a lot to get a compliment from a woman."

Speaking of womanly issues, after a few of the 30-year-old’s friends had breast-cancer scares she decided to step up and take action.

"I’m involved with the Young Survivors Coalition they focus on support and research for women under 40, there is a big gap in research and women do get cancer in 20’s and 30’s and its often more aggressive," Miller explained. "When I heard about this I wanted to tell my friends and my sisters, it’s not something to be afraid of, just be aware of."\

Source: Fox News