There's nothing like heading to the ladies room only to realize that your makeup is all over the place on your face. But instead of applying for a half-day, these quick fixes below should do the trick:

Bronzer & Blush Overload

If you accidentally applied too much bronzer or blush, reach for a clean stippler or powder brush and blend the blush into the skin using large circular motions. If that still doesn’t work, put a little of your liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, then apply the foundation on top of your blush using the same brush and circular motion.

Too Much Eyeliner
You want to wear the eyeliner, not let the eyeliner wear you. So smudge it out using either a fluffy brush or your finger to create a sexy, smoky eye.  One great way to avoid messing up your eye liner when creating a cat-eye is to place a piece of tape from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow. Once you’re done, remove the tape for a perfect line.

Runny & Messy Mascara

Don't be frustrated it a little mascara messes up your freshly applied smoky eye. If you’re the eye shadow your wearing is dark, use a blending brush to apply a little extra to blend the mascara into your lid.  If you’re wearing a lighter color, carefully remove as much mascara as you can using a Q-tip and makeup remover before reapplying the shadow.

To avoid runny mascara on the bottom lashes, it’s best to first apply a little translucent powder underneath your lashes before applying. But If it’s already run, then apply a little eye liner and blend as though it's intentional and part your look.

Lipstick Stuck On Skin

A little lipstick on the side of your lips requires just a small amount of concealer or foundation to cover it. This is also why makeup artists recommend using a lip liner first to fill in your whole lip. That way, it creates an easy outline to follow with your lipstick. And even if your lipstick has worn off, you’ll still have some color underneath.

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