Applying eyeliner to your peeps is a great way to draw more attention towards them and other facial features. Well defined eyes can help transform a persons look from soft to sultry. But for those of us who can't seem to wear it without ending up with smudgy eyes, below are a couple of useful techniques to keep in mind:
Applying eye primer is crucial in order to prevent that "black eye" effect. While most people tend apply their shadow protector solely on the eyelids, you should try dabbing your wand underneath and around the lower lash line as well. The reason for this is that it helps prevent the dark pigment from transferring to other areas.

Pencils are convenient but they can also easily smudge. To fix this, grab an angled brush and a matching matte eye shadow, press the powder over the original liner you drew, before smoking it out.

If the eyeshadow your using just isn't working, try using a liquid mixing medium and applying the sealant directly on top. If you have a colorless varnish in your kit, you can mix it with any loose pigment for instant custom-mixed eyeliner.


When it comes to applying eye makeup, it usually comes down to the formula your using. Try investing in a few key water-resistant products to ensure the colors stay only on your lids.