Celebrities, they're just like you and I. Except they have a team of stylists and makeup artists to keep them looking picture perfect at all times.


But despite all this, some celebs have their own unique (if slightly bizarre) beauty rituals which they're convinced helps them to put their best face forward. Let's start off with...
Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer
Lagerfeld told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that he sleeps for exactly seven hours, no more or no less, no matter what time he goes to bed. Wonder who's in charge for making sure he gets that much shut-eye.

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
The duchess reportedly spends upwards of $17,000 per annum on beauty products and procedures a year. And according to reports, Kate slathers on a cream created by beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell that contains bee-sting venom, which has been deemed as an organic alternative to botox.

Tom Ford, Fashion Designer
Tom Ford is said to take an average of five baths a day. Besides making sure he’s clean, the designer also uses the time to relax and unwind, and claims that it’s one of the best ways to think creatively.

Cameron Diaz, Actress
Cameron used to suffer from acne. According to various sources, the actress prefers to cleanse with bottled Evian water. We wouldn't be surprised if she installed a tap that hooks up straight to the Alps!

Tom Cruise, Actor
Besides exercise (and running around in movies), Tom Cruise also indulges in the occasional "Geisha facial" which reportedly involves powdered Nightingale droppings. The bird excrements are said to work wonders in exfoliating the skin. Sounds disgusting (and expensive!).