There's nothing wrong with being born with small eyes, but if you're looking to transform your sleepy peepers, these simple tips will help you out:
Curl Your Lashes
Curling your lashes is one of the best beauty secrets to opening up your eyes. For a longer lasting curl, blast your curler with hot air from your blow-dryer. Always wait a few minutes before using to avoid burning off your lashes.

Darken the Lash Line
Darkening the lash line creates more of an emphasis on the outline of your eye shape and helps make it appear larger. Start by applying light strokes over the outer lash line, stopping three quarters in on both the bottom and the top of lashes. Use either a dark brown shade (for lighter skin tones) or black (for darker complexions).

Use a highlighter pencil

A champagne highlighter pencil is a subtle way to open up the eyes. Just line your lower lash line with the pencil, then use it to highlight underneath the arch of your brow.