Crush rose petals for naturally stained lips:
Pluck a petal or two and crush them between your fingertips until you see red liquid seeping out. Dab and blend the rose extract over your cheekbones for a healthy flush and swipe the excess over your lips for an all-natural stain. Be sure to blend the stain quickly in order to avoid splotches.

Rinse with warm beer for shinier locks
: Warm up a frosty brew on the stove before you bring it in the shower. The vitamin B and natural sugars present in beer gives hair the shine and extra volume. If your locks are looking lackluster, soak your strands after shampooing with warm, flat beer (the more hops, the better). Let the rinse sit in your hair for a few minutes, then wash out with cool water and condition after.

Roll-up rags for pretty curls: Unravel gorgeous waves without heatstyling or heavy duty rollers! Rolling up hair with leftover fabric was considered a cheaper and more comfortable solution to steel rollers. Just damp hair with a light coat of leave-in conditioner and roll over small 2”x 5” strips of rags close to the root of your hair. Tie the ends and leave overnight. Rags from any excess fabric will work in a pinch (provided that they're clean).

Vaseline, the wonder ingredient
: This multipurpose beauty secret was a real face saver back in the day. If you’ve stayed out all night, dab a bit of petroleum jelly underneath puffy eyes and you’ll wake up to refreshed peepers. If you're in a hurry and don’t have time to apply eye shadow, just sweep a touch of the petroleum jelly over your lids and brownbone for a subtle and pretty sheen.

Baby powder, the original dry shampoo
: Formulated with starch, talc and fragrance, this inexpensive talcum powder is still one of the best fixes for oily scalps. To avoid the powder from turning your hair ashy or gray, just let it sit for a couple of minutes to soak up the oils before working the formula through your roots with a brush and your fingers.