Even if you have found the perfect foundation for your skin tone, unless you know how to layer your makeup properly, you'll still end up looking worse for wear. Here's a quick guide to help you master a flawless foundation application:
The important thing to remember is to always have two or three shades that you can blend on your face. This helps to create a flawless, naturally dimensional complexion.

To start, you should apply a concealer under your eyes.The concealer should be two shades lighter than your skin. Yellow concealer works better on darker skin tones than beige concealer, which often turns grayish-blue on women of color.

Next, apply a lighter shade of foundation in the center of the face—on the cheeks, the middle of the forehead, the nose, and the chin.  Use a damp sponge in a tapping motion for sheer coverage. Or if you are using a foundation brush, try a sweeping motion to diffuse the product and create a smooth, well-blended effect.

To avoid getting an ashy look on your forehead or jaw, apply the darker shade of foundation across the hairline, under the cheekbones, and along the jaw. Women of color tend have darker areas around the chin and forehead, so it is important to use a different shade that mimics the skin tones in these areas. Be sure to blend well with the other foundations.

Apply a shimmering or pearlescent highlighter across the cheekbones for a glowing complexion. Women of color should avoid silver-based highlighters as the metallic tint won't look natural on their complexions. Stick to copper or gold for medium skin tones, and gold or bronze for deeper skin tones.

You can also dab a little bit of highlighter on the hairline, bridge of the nose, and chin to create a subtle glow where the sun would naturally hit your face.