Most of us have difficulties finding a skincare that works for our skin. What more, affordable and painless ones which we don’t have to kick up a fuss over. For the typical modern working girl with a hectic schedule, we don’t need any more stress trying to find that perfect gem to feed our skin!

And like a prayer that has been answered, Olay launched two new babies to join their collection! White Radiance and Regenerist are now a big hit among the ladies because of its skin-hydrating and brightening creams which make the skin look healthier and youthful.

This is perfect for working ladies whose skin experience fatigue easily.


At the core of White Radiance is CelLucent Complex, a new innovative whitening ingredient. The two new products from White Radiance is CelLucent White Essence which comes with a dropper to better target problem areas, and CelLucent White Cream which is a moisturizing intensive treatment with dual whitening action for natural, luminous fairness.


As for Regenerist, it contains Aminopeptide Complex, which comprises a cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients such as Pal-KTTKS, niacinamide, carnosine, Pro-Vitamin B5 and anti-oxidants, which regenerate skin at a cellular level. Olay welcomes two new Regenerist star items which are the Micro-sculpting Cream & Serum, which dramatically firms the appearance of sagging-prone areas, and Superstructure Cream SPF 30, which helps block direct DNA damaging rays and hydrates the skin to rebuild cellular surface structure.

According to a user at the Olay White Radiance/Regenerist launch road show: “I am impressed that Olay has such advanced innovation and technology. I tried new White Radiance /Regenerist, which is not greasy at all, and it absorbs really fast. I can feel that the product really works inside my skin. I think Olay really has changed and offer products that really meet my needs”

So far, it is hard to find a product which has visible and long lasting results, especially skincare products which you can grab off the shelves at supermarkets and pharmacies. Olay seems to have hit the jackpot. However, these new items are priced slightly higher than its older siblings because of its new ingredients. Still, investing in a pot of Olay is still affordable and is definitely worth every penny – and it won’t hurt your skin or overwhelm you with painful skincare procedures.

Another lady remarked “I want visible result, so I was thinking getting a facelift* or whitening* course! But it looks terrifying to me and the course is not cheap at all. But the new Olay White Radiance and Regenerist really surprised me that the products really are the answer to what I need, which is visible results minus all the risks. In comparison it’s a tiny price compared to clinical treatments. I waited for such a long time for a product like this and now I finally have it”


The Olay roadshow proved eventful and offered amazing discounts for users who bought Olay products at the location, because Olay was treating them to RM30 off any product! Well, except the cleanser because that costs below RM20 anyway. People who spent more than RM100 and RM200 were presented with cute and practical gifts such as jewelry stands, toiletry bags, trolley bags, and even a manicure or makeup session!

Olay White Range and Regenerist are officially launched and are available in Guardian and Watsons pharmacies all over Malaysia and Singapore.

* Product works on the epidermal level only and yields best results when used regularly and continuously. Results differ from cosmetic procedures.