A new NanoKeratin System Treatment at Paul Edmonds salon promises to renourish hair, leaving it healthier, smoother and more manageable without having to worry about the effects of chemical straightening.

This new blow-dry treatment is said to leave hair smooth while replacing lost nutrients. One 'hairy-gone-lucky' reviewer describes this revolutionary treatment as such:

I was amazed. My hair was smooth and shiny, and this treatment can last up to three months. The time I've saved in having to style my hair every day has changed my life.

The treatment starts off with a shampoo, before the Nano-Keratin treatment is applied and left to set for 30 minutes. The nano-molecules of keratin penetrate deep into the hair and the amino acids in the formula lock in moisture. All that's left for the stylist to do is blow-dry your hair and, after two hours, the treatment is complete.

For the next three days, however, you must resist touching, puling, washing or even tying up your hair to prevent kinks from setting in.

The NaNoKeratiN System treatment costs from £150 and is available at Paul edmonds London, 217 Brompton road, London, SW3 2eJ. Contact 0844 770 9410 or visit pauledmonds.com for more details.