Everyone desires beautiful coiffure hair. Great heads of hair make a strong impression. Yet, one of the most common complaints made by people to their beauticians is that their hair isn�t shiny enough. Processed hair is the culprit in most of the cases. The more chemicals you add to the hair, the less shiny it becomes. Good health is the secret of good hair and not the products that you apply.

Adding shine to the hair starts in the shower. Though difficult during winter months, cold-water rinse is a wonderful way to improve the shine of your hair. The cold water will close the cuticle and make it appear shiny. After completing the rinse, use a finishing cr�me during and after blow-drying. Silicone products are better avoided because, though they bring shine to the hair, they are difficult to remove.

Another popular product used to add shine to the hair is vinegar. It is good as long as it is used sparingly. Too many vinegar rinses leave the hair dry, making it appear dull. For gray hair, adding shine can be pretty tough. Gray color has the tendency to take on yellow tinge because of airborne particles. A professional gloss treatment may be a better option to make gray hair shiny. This will seal the cuticle and ensures that nothing will penetrate it and dull the color and may last up to five weeks. You should also use shampoo recommended for gray hair only. The nature of one�s hair should determine the treatment.

  • If you have fine hair, select a shampoo that has wheat proteins and polymers as ingredients. They coat the hair shaft, making it appear thicker. Find how to use spray volumizers. They add a light mist of shine on the hair without drooping it.
  • If you have normal hair, select a shampoo that has silk amino acids. It adds softness and repairs hair structure. Lecithin restores hair texture. Hair gels and creams add shine to your hair without weight. It is essential to pour the product in the palm, rub together and apply gently over your head.
  • If you hair is thick and coarse, old-fashioned pomades are the best. They add shine and also moisturize this kind of hair.
In order to get more shine on your hair, use heat-activated shampoo and deep condition it at least once a week. Do not use many styling products. They only end up making it dull.