Baggy or puffy eyes are not only a symptom of sleepless nights. They are part of the aging process. As muscles weaken and skin is loosened, the fat that cushions the eyes moves forward and becomes visible. The same can be said if you are someone who regularly retains water due to an existing medical condition. 

Treating this issue
You have been given numerous suggestions to improve the problems. You've tried creams and other skin treatments. Exercise and a change of diet have also been tried. And you've gone as far as placing cucumbers and other vegetables on the areas. While these helped, the results were temporary. 

The permanent solution
What you probably haven't tried yet is the natural, lower risk and more permanent solution known as Genucel. The products in their line utilize many holistic minerals. This includes Eyeseryl – a tetrapeptide that has been shown to resolve several anti-aging issues. 

The 5-step process
Genucel uses the anti-derma Eyeseryl in a holistic, 5-step process to eliminate the bags and puffiness around your eyes. In addition, it treats other rough and discolored areas on your skin. Here's how it's done. 

Step One: You apply a plant-based stem cell therapy to the affected areas. This, along with Eyeseryl's advanced properties, start reversing age-related damage. Within a few weeks, you will visibly notice the reduction of puffiness around your eyes. 

Step Two: As the stem cell therapy starts to work, the next step is to repair the upper eyelids -- another section where puffiness occurs. For this, you apply a natural treatment that contains a chain of amino acids known as peptides. Once layered on, your upper eyelids will begin to firm, lift, and tighten to look younger. 

Step Three: You not only want to reduce puffiness but also the wrinkles and Crow's Feet around your eyes. So, the next step is to apply the company's XV treatment. It reverses damage due to age or sun exposure by restoring naturally produced hyaluronic acid to bring back moisture. In addition, the treatment adds a dose of the coenzyme CoQ10. 

Step Four: The next stop is to apply the company's Immediate Effects product to the affected area. As its name implies, the solution works in conjunction with the XV treatment to speed up the reduction of wrinkles. While the other products are long-term treatments, the use of the natural Immediate Effects last up to 24 hours per application. 

Step Five: You may have heard of Cristalles Microdermabrasion from your dermatologist or at the spa. It's regularly used to smooth out rough patches of skin. Furthermore, it was thought to be a product that cost a good deal. 

Here, it is part of the 5-step restoration process. It helps reduce rough areas with a mixture of natural ingredients that include magnesium oxide -- a mineral that treats a variety of issues. Here, it takes care of dry skin patches while also removing age spots and other discolorations. 

It's time to take care of your skin, because it's the only one you have. So, if it seems older than you are, look to Genucel's 5-step program. It's the holistic solution to permanently reduce issues like puffiness and age spots. It firms and tightens skin. And, it eliminates wrinkles. 

Combined, the treatment helps you feel good outside without the potential effects of non-holistic treatments. In fact, some of the natural minerals used in the 5-step process can improve your health and restore needed chemicals. It's your opportunity to become younger without a Fountain of Youth.