Like many other retro trends, 1950's makeup is fashionable again. Just like in the case with other 1950's fashion such as full-skirted dresses and cat-eye glasses, 1950's makeup too is finding an increasing number of takers. By going in for 1950's makeup, you can now look attractive and at the same time make a unique style statement.

The advent of color motion pictures was originally responsible for the boom in 1950's makeup in the first place. Suddenly people began to see their favorite stars with perfect faces and wanted to look like them. 'Pancake' was an invention of this era and was used by movie stars to hide certain imperfections on their faces. Suddenly women all over the world wanted luscious red lips, neutral toned eyelids and rosy cheeks.

There are many cosmetic products available in the market these days which can help you recreate the look of the 1950's. A good way to begin would be to go in for turquoise eye shades which were a rage during the 1950's. Try putting on a cherry red lipstick. This glossy lipstick shade will help you create the retro look that you always wanted. Similarly you can go in for similar shades when it comes to the nail polish.

A thick line across the eyelid was a fashion trend in the 1950's and you can now achieve the same with the help of liquid eyeliner. This could be typically accompanied by two coats of dark mascara. A photograph of a movie star from that era can help you with 1950's makeup.