How to Eat 5 Small Meals a Day the Right Way
Many weight loss studies have suggested eating more small meals throughout the day is the smarter way to lose weight, due to the fact that by eating every couple of hours, you won't get to the point of starvation and overeat. But a new multi-university study published in the journal Appetite this m...

Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, benefit the body in more than just a dozen ways. Composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, these organic compounds are precisely needed by the body for growth and proper functioning. While the body needs at least 20 different types of amino acids, only 9 of them are called essential amino acids, meaning that the body requires them more and in larger quantities. 
Whether you’re playing beach volleyball in the sand or sipping tropical drinks poolside this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your eyeliner melting down your face. Nobody wants to be rocking the raccoon eyes look this season, so be sure to tuck one of these waterproof eyeliners in your makeup bag before you head out. 
It’s a miracle that any of us get off the couch these days. From global pandemics that force us to stay inside, to Netflix, Zoom, and other sites that keep us from even noticing the lack of fresh air, it’s almost as if the world is conspiring to keep us off our feet. 
Being a vital organ of our body, our skin ages with us too. Time can not be reversed in any ways, but there are some effective treatments which allow you to reduce the adverse effects of time in your skin.
If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is to always be prepared for emergency situations. Because of it, people have been rushing to grocery stores and supermarkets to buy survival food items. These food items are usually those that have a long shelf life — canned goods and other food types that do not easily get spoiled. 
Sugaring has become a popular method to get rid of unwanted hair on sensitive areas such as the bikini line. This is mainly because the ingredients used to prepare sugaring paste are organic and also the method of conducting the procedure is quite safe and devoid of harmful side effects. However, one must understand the complete procedure step by step before starting with it to ensure proper removal of hair without causing any damage to the skin.
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