Eating Meat and Dairy Might be Just as Unhealthy as Smoking
You probably know by now how bad smoking is for your health. But this shocking new study suggests that eating animal-based proteins may be just as harmful!The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism. Researchers studied data from the National Health and Examination Survey III (NHANES III...

For months, coronavirus has continued to ravish the world. What started out as a virus thought to be isolated to areas in China has now become a worldwide event that has impacted 188 countries and more than 14 million people. While the race to create a vaccine continues, there’s also a growing need for other treatment options that are more readily available.
Claim denial is a term that refers to the refusal of an insurance company or carrier to honor a request by an individual medical service provider to pay for the services provided to the patient. 
In Singapore, aesthetic procedures have become increasingly accepted in the last 5 years. Up till recent times, it was deemed an indicator of insecurity for a lady to go for cosmetic enhancements, much less guys. Having said all these, aesthetic procedures still have naysayers. 
Let's start by saying that, if you've formed a habit of running in the morning, good news: you've chosen an especially good time for it. As running coach and personal trainer Meghan Kennihan tells Shape, morning running "lowers your blood pressure and jumpstarts your metabolism". 
The abuse and misuse of painkillers (or other prescribed medication) has hit epidemic proportions in the United States. Aside from pain and emotional suffering that such an addiction presents to loved ones, the abuse of these pills can bring in several different health complications that can cause lasting harm - or possibly death.
What are the primary categorisations of specialists in Singapore?

ENT ClinicsENT Specialists (sometimes known as Otolaryngologists in Singapore), or “Ear Nose and Throat” specialists, treat many individuals that have conditionsin the ear, nose and throat regions. ENT Specialists also consult patients that haveabnormalities in the head and neck region. For individuals that are have these ailments,  consider acquiring the medical opinion of an ENT specialist.
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