22 Simple Suit Rules Every Guy Has To Subscribe To

It is not very hard to look good in a suit. All you have to do is follow the rules of dressing up. And they are surprisingly easy. Here are 22 dapper tips to always remember.

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Have you ever been accused of a crime? If yes, then you might know the importance of hiring a criminal lawyer at the time. Yes, it is a really very challenging time but still many people think that they can represent themselves in the court.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 29, 2019 19:43
Going on a long journey and need to take your fur baby? Check out our 4 ways to travel with a dog. Our dogs are like our children: we hate to be separated from them! If we are exploring a beautiful destination, we want to share it with them. If we have special needs like anxiety or a disability, we depend on them to support us.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 28, 2019 23:00
Every couple goes through stressful periods, and with so many Canadians dealing with the strain of making ends meet amid rising housing costs and stagnant wages, tensions can sometimes erupt into heated arguments.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 28, 2019 23:00
1. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE worth US$ 3.90 billion  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 28, 2019 18:56
New year, new gifts to think about buying. 

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day preparations, a friend’s birthday or any other cool occasion, one thing is for sure: we all need to have a list of ideas on our scrapbook (or Pinterest) for when we need to gift something to a friend or family member.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 28, 2019 17:51
If you are looking for one of the best ways to spend a day in the Niagara, a lake wine tour provides an unforgettable experience. There is something to appease any taste and budget but with such a wide variety to choose from, deciding which tour to take can be the hard part.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 28, 2019 14:36
Regarded as Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is the dormant volcano that is situated in Tanzania. It is one of the most famous and much-loved places for the trekkers around the country. But since the temperature of this mountain varies quickly from hot to bitter cold, a person needs to be ready for any type of situation.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 27, 2019 21:56
Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and established in 2008, InventureX is essentially a performance-based crowdfunding marketing and promotion agency.  Since 2012, InventureX has assisted more than 350 inventors and entrepreneurs in raising over $20 million on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.    Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 27, 2019 21:51
When the decision is made to divorce, it will irrevocably change the lives of each parent and most importantly, the children involved. While this change can be tumultuous, creating a solid parenting plan  can help to create some stability as well as define roles, visitation schedules, financial obligations and the like. Fortunately, the State of Florida recognizes the importance of implementing a parenting plan and requires one in all divorce and/or custody battles.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 27, 2019 21:51
Though there are multiple forms within a packet that must be completed as well as additional procedures followed, proving paternity in the New Mexico Court system is not that difficult, especially for an experienced lawyer that offers the best legal solutions of New Mexico.   Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 27, 2019 21:50
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