Research Says Beer Increases Sperm Count, and Veggies Don't

According to new research, men who eat tons of veggies had a significantly reduced sperm count. On the other hand, dudes who drank a pint a day had a better chance of boosting conception.

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The final trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 is out and it looks even better than the first. It's also incredibly intense! Check out the video below:  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Oct 30, 2014 18:39
How do you make surfing even more awesome than it already is? You record everything with a GoPro of course. Here are a couple of hot chicks showcasing their skills in Hawaii and it looks really fun.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 18:37
A man from the city of Jinjiang in Fujian Province has become quite famous on Chinese social media, after pictures of his car parked were posted by a passerby who said that this was the best parking job he'd ever seen. The owner, Mr. Chen Zhongliang was able to park his large 4x4 SUV into a very small space - A few inches larger than the car itself!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 17:41
Celebrities have been busy hitting up Halloween parties with their cool costumes this weekend. Good Halloween costume ideas are vital if you want to win a prize for your if you're looking forward to win the best costume award! If you haven't picked out your own Halloween costume just yet, maybe one of these celebrities' Halloween costume will give you some inspirations.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP  Oct 30, 2014 17:40
This 27-year-old buxom beauty Kelly Lee Dekay has been working of waist-training with a steel-boned corset for 7 years. Her waist now measures between 16 and 18 inches, making it looks like a hourglass. She went through extreme body transformation so she could look like her favourite cartoon characters - Jessica Rabbit, and X-Men's Storm.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP  Oct 30, 2014 15:42
If you were expecting some scissors in this hair salon, you'll be disappointed. And probably a little afraid. Nguyen Hoang Hung practices the art of cutting hair with a katana.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 13:05
This is Kelly Lee Dekay, a modern day Betty Brosmer. The reason for the comparison? She's got an impossibly tiny waist: 16 inches! 2 inches smaller than Brosmer's. The reason for that: she wears a corset to reshape her body.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 12:53
Robert Downey Jr. went to get his picture taken for his new driving license. So he had to get in line, and stand in front of a camera. Of course, what happened next was the Internet.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 12:37
Photographer Jebediah Johnson has a new photo series and it is called the Makeout Project. He photographs subjects immediately after making out with them.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 12:27
McDonald's famous slogan "I'm Lovin' It" might see a change in the year 2015, according to this Wall Street Journal report. What could be better than I'm Lovin' It?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 30, 2014 12:21
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