The Final Batman v Superman Trailer Looks Incredibly Awesome and Intense

Finally, we get to see Batman actually kicking ass and Wonder Woman speaking and probably having some adult fun-time with Bruce Wayne. Also, there's Superman. This almost seems more of a movie about Batman than Superman. Check out the latest and final trailer:

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Dating these days is a tough thing. You might not have the social media prowess to investigate whether or not the person you're meeting on Tinder is single or not. So what do you do? You'll have to rely on first impressions. Can you tell if someone is single or not?  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Feb 12, 2016 17:55
The world got news that a new Harry Potter book is set to come out in July. Great news for Potterheads of course. But do you know which Harry Potter character you are?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 17:49
Ryan Reynolds gave Seth Meyers some advice on being a dad, and an even more wonderful husband. 'You've just got to do the dirty work. Diapers. And more.' The reason: 'A human being will exit your wife. She's done enough.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 17:42
Dancing is next level when it comes to Beyonce's music videos. This incredible choreography is by Wildabest Adams along with the cinematography work by Tim  Milgram. Basically, this is genius work. It's too awesome.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 17:38
As it should everywhere for that matter. Here's KBS's Lunar New Year Special Muscle Queen Project that's showing how women to look both sexy and healthy at the same time. Healthy, being fit, that is. The program teaches women proper fitness techniques and encourages to maintain healthy lifestyle choices and forgo the thin-is-hot look.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 15:48
That hot bod you've always wanted doesn't come just like that. It doesn't happen if you're going to be lazing on the couch all day. You've got to work for it. Here's checking out how some Korean girls get fit. They've got to sweat. That is key.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 15:48
It feels as if Emily Ratajkowski is slowing down her activity on Instagram as of late, but every picture she uploads gets immediate attention and more than makes up for her lack of participation. Here she is with some of her latest:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 15:48
Maxim model Choi Hyeyeon isn't just hot in photoshoots. She's also extending that to her Instagram. Here's checking out some of the hottest we've found so far. Will we be seeing more of her in the future?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 15:48
Just like you and your friends, everyone loves to share political articles on Facebook whenever you see them. This parody here describes what it's like to make 'real change with real action,' which by the way is, sharing them on Facebook.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 14:18
At most times, that space under the stairs seems wasted if not used. So here are 16 inspirations to help you imagine all the things you can do there. Ranging from closets to another room, check out the list below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Feb 12, 2016 13:14
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