This Blindfolded Muslim Man Stood on The Streets of Stockholm With His Arms Out and Got 142 Hugs [VIDEO]

The world may seem like a bad place at times, but know that there is more good in it than you think. Case in point is YouTuber STHLM Panda, who decided to try out a trust experiment. Ashkan stood out on the streets of Stockholm blindfolded with his arms out. What happened next will restore your faith in humanity.

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Wrestlemania was just on its own programming when all a sudden, The Rock appeared on stage and went to the ring to confront Triple H. Check out how all hell broke loose right after in the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 18:15
Taylor Swift won the award for Best Lyrics at the iHeartRadio Awards tonight. Then, she and Justin Timberlake relived their 2013 moment celebrating her win.  Read more
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Seb Lester has got a really steady hand. He needs to. After all, he's an artist and designer and has one of the most interesting Instagram accounts we've seen so far. He can literally draw any logo and nail them perfectly.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 18:08
There are useless kitchen gadgets, and then there are these: the geeky ones. They are pretty much perfect, and functional, and will probably add to your geek cred, if you need it. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 17:54
The good thing about film is that it lets us take a break from the harshness of reality. But sometimes, they go a tad overboard by showcasing an unrealistic reality that will never exist in real-life. After all, isn't that what film is all about?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 17:54
Cara Delevingne is not just super hot. She's also a very eccentric model and one that does not conform to the usual and normal standards you see in models today. Check out why she's such a badass in the list below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 13:48
We make all kinds of rules for kids and demand they follow the regime we've set out for them. And it's all for a good thing. We want them to grow up with good character and values. The only problem: we don't even practice any of these things as adults!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 13:23
Weddings are fun to go, but sometimes it sucks to go alone. There will be a sea of people, some with tighter cliques with groups, and you just hope and pray the bride and groom doesn't seat you on a table full of strangers, since you know, you're going alone. Here are some of the 9 things that suck.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 12:42
Donnie Yen has a new movie out and it's called 'Kung Fu Killer.' Starring Donnie Yen as a jailed kung fu expert, he convinces the cops to recruit him to track down a serial killer in return for his freedom. Watch the trailer below:  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Mar 30, 2015 12:24
If you think about it, there aren't many places you can change your baby's diaper when in public. Ashton Kutcher posted a Facebook status about the lack of diaper changing stations in men's public restrooms, and now he's started a petition to make more of them around.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 30, 2015 11:49
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