Korean Netizens Are Crushing Over This Hot Pilates Teacher Now

This is Shim Euddeum. She's a pilates teacher and competes in bodybuilding, and Korean netizens are now going nuts over her because of her sensational figure. Her Instagram is chock full of her selfies ranging from a typical cute face shot to her entire body showing off her incredible proportions.

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Stephenie Meyer is back trying to prove that she can actually write. So she released a new novel today and shocked fans everywhere. The novel is titled, 'Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 16:32
And it actually looks good on everyone! This bathing suit from Amazon comes from a mysterious retailer with several different names. Still, that's not stopping people from rushing to get it. Plus it's cheap!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 15:14
Here is a list of some important questions you need to remember asking anyone and everyone you meet to determine if you have anything in common with them. Simple stuff. Not rocket science. Not invasive ones. Just simple stuff. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 15:13
Thinking of getting inked? Better think hard, son, because if you don't, you might end up like one of these 23 people here. They have, arguably, the ugliest tattoos ever seen. Regret doesn't even begin to explain it.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:48
We all know Kylie Jenner is quite the beautiful human being she is. And we all know that there's probably one or more persons in the world that look alike. Kylie Jenner included. This is Gabrielle Waters. She can basically pass off as Kylie's twin!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:29
If you're a nerd these days, you're considered pretty damn cool. But how do they perform in the women's department? Can they get the girl? This one guy showed the only thing you ever need is confidence.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:29
Marking the end of a saga, this is the latest Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 trailer. What will happen to Katniss and her team of rebels? Will they succeed? Check it out below:  Read more
Not sure what to dress up as this Halloween? How about something geeky like a Marvel superhero? Or something out of pop-culture like a character from Harry Potter? Or from Star Wars? Here are some 19 ideas for you to steal from.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:21
For some reason, an alarming number of people think 'The Martian' is a true story. The new movie by Ridley Scott must have been so good, that people started believing it to be true. Starring Matt Damon, it tells a story of an astronaut stranded on Mars.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:07
Kylie Jenner responded to gossip that she was wearing butt pads to make them buns look perkier. The 18-year-old decided to show off just what was packing underneath: absolutely nothing! Just good ol' spanx!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Oct 07, 2015 14:07
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