This is Kim Lim, The Hot Billionaire-Heiress From Singapore

The 23-year-old heiress usually posts selfies, surrounding herself with handbags, shoes, and can be seen holidaying in all parts of the world. But mostly, it's hard to ignore her beauty. She's actually quite a looker, this one.

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There's no mystery as to why Candice Swanepoel is one of the top models for Victoria's Secret. She practically embodies the brand and here she is for its latest bikini catalog. Gotta say she nailed it. Check it out:  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP  Dec 17, 2014 23:32
Kobe Bryant has passed Michael Jordan's mark of 32,292 points with 32,293 points, making him the 3rd all time scorer in the NBA. He's still young, and have many more games to go, which could very well earn him a spot even higher than where he is right now.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:29
Rosie Roff is known for having one of the most controversial Instagram pages. And since Instagram recently imposed a ban on nudity, and many of her pictures feature her butt, it's only a matter of time before most of them are gone from this world. So check out the hottest we've found so far. Stat!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:28
Remember the woman who slapped herself with raw meat to make music? Here's a vegetarian follow-up to that, using only veges. That's right. She's not leaving this food group behind.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:28
Megatron has a thing or two to say about selfies but to sum it up: he freaking hates them. And he especially hates when people try to take one in front of him. It makes him so mad, he flips off just like that. Watch the hilarious video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:21
Ellen found some toys that are both weird and naughty, and it's almost unbelievable they actually exists. She brought it on to her show to showcase them. Check it out.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:21
This is Yeonmi Park, and she's a North Korean survivor. This video tells her story of her life in North Korea and is calling for action against their human rights violations. Watch the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:10
This is some serious mad skills. This Korean guy kicks, instead of punching this arcade game. And it's not just any normal kick. It's one that spins, and roundhouses around for some major destruction.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:10
'Cards Against Humanity' managed to sell 30,000 boxes of...actual poop. And it was all to mock consumerism, proving we will buy anything that's on sale. The company offered a $6 box of 'bullsh*t', and that's what people got.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:10
This video is intense, and even though they're 'friendly fighting' so to speak, it looks like they could do a whole lot of destruction with those moves. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Dec 17, 2014 23:10
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