The Young and Dangerous Crew Got Together For The Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]

The Young and Dangerous cast reunite, though this time not for a gang busting problem. Instead, they took the ALS ice bucket challenge. Could their get together also be a chance there might be another Young and Dangerous sequel?

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We know him as Don Draper. But Jon Hamm is a man of many talents, aside from being so dashingly good looking and sexy. He's also a GD comedian. Check out some of his acting chops in which he show off a range of hilarious emotions. He's more than just serious. He's an all rounder.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 22, 2014 09:02
Greeting someone shouldn't be a hard thing to do, but these people here found themselves in really awkward situations. To fistbump or to shake? To cheek kiss or to hug? Here are the most awkward encounters that have happened. Hopefully it never happens to you.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Aug 22, 2014 08:53
A guy's pad is most often the litmus test for women to decide if they are the perfect mate. It can go from everything is great with this dude, until she sees how messed up your place is. There are a lot of things in your apartment that are more of turn-offs than turn-ons. Here are a couple of simple things you can do to swank it up.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:52
How much do you love your shuteye? This dog absolutely hates it when the alarm goes off. Talk about laziness! Who knew dogs could be like that too?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:52
Jimmy Tatro has a method of getting girls to end relationships with him without being the one to mention it. Because who wants to be in a relationship with a whiny little b*tch?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:52
Who says dogs don't like massages? They absolutely love them! This Corgi knows just how to relax and it is better at it than you. Check it out. I want a massage now too.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:51
Peter Valko and his French Bulldog puppy are pretty close. So much that the cute little guy mustered up the courage to jump straight into his hands. Very, very adorable. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:51
Colin Furze has invented stuff like Wolverine's claws to Magneto's magnet boots and now this: a fireworks safety suit. He even goes as far as to demonstrate the device. He's totally protected. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:51
Here's a quick hair tutorial video showing you how you can transform into Belle in just a few easy steps. Looking like a princess has never been easier.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Aug 22, 2014 08:45
Irina Shayk is pretty much scandal free, and also backstory-less. But she's got a good figure and she was made for bikini modeling. So here's a gallery of her doing her thing for Agua Bendita.  Read more
CELEBRITY GOSSIP  Aug 22, 2014 08:35
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