15 Most Bizarre Facebook Groups That Exist

You can find quite a number of interesting groups to join on Facebook, but these listed here are perhaps the strangest and most bizarre ones. Check them out in the list below. Maybe you're already a member of one of them.

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This is 22-year-old Sheikh Shujah. He is the half-Singaporean and Burmese son of oil tycoon Sheikh Babu Nooruddin. Shujah's father is rumored to be worth $750 million. As expected, Shujah is living the life of the rich and famous.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 01, 2015 16:05
How do you make a boring old camera store opening really grand? How do you even get people to care about cameras these days? You hire half-naked models to help 'clean' the store for its grand opening like this one in Taiyuan, China did.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Apr 01, 2015 16:05
This story sounds like it was a page off some movie where a pregnant lady is rushing to the hospital but has no choice but to deliver the baby in the car. And instead of just any car, this woman delivered in an Uber.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 16:03
How much would you even consider paying for a dog nanny? The wealthy people in the U.K. hire them to take care of their pet 24/7. They walk, play, wash, feed, groom and sometimes even sleep with them. But perhaps the most shocking fact is that they can make up to 50,000 pounds a year. Or $75k USD.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 16:03
There are harmless pranks, and then there are these pranks. Some of them may be over the top, and a tad much. Remember: only play pranks on friends who have a sense of humor. Otherwise: no friends anymore!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 16:02
If anything, Interstellar was at least worth the visual experience. Here's the Honest Trailer for the movie, and it does highlight a couple of problems though, but then again, doesn't every movie has some sort of sin to it? Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 13:39
If you have not been following Blake Lively on Instagram, now is the time. She's actually quite a fun person to check out. She's almost, and I mean this by a stretch, like the Chrissy Teigen of actors. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 13:23
We can't blame men for not knowing what to do with a bra when they see one. After all, not all of them (like) wear(ing) bras. Cosmo decided to get men take off a bunch of different types of bras off a mannequin. Some were good, but most didn't know what they were doing.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 13:04
Being pregnant isn't going to stop these amazing women from doing what they do. The gallery below features some of them who just aren't going to let pregnancy slow them down. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 12:28
If you thought an inappropriate Santa Claus was scary, just wait till you see the Easter Bunny. These have to be the worst costumes one can ever wear. Plus an evil giant rabbit looking at you like that can't be a good thing either. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Apr 01, 2015 12:18
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