YouTuber Makes Tweets From Followers Into an Interesting Song Called "You're a Sausage" [VIDEO]

What happens when you crowdsource your lyrics? This YouTuber decided to make a song out of the tweets that his followers sent to him. The result is pretty hilarious. And pretty impressive.

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The kiss scene in movies are perhaps the most anticipated moments in film. With a great build up, that scene can be the defining and memorable moment of a film. Here are some of the 6 steamiest kiss scenes in movie history.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Sep 18, 2014 13:47
Niykee Heaton is a 19-year-old YouTube music megastar. She's already clocked up 180,000 YouTube subscribers to her channel, which features her acoustic covers and some original songs. But her talent doesn't stop there. She's also an Instagram rock star.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Sep 18, 2014 13:33
Beyonce just made the sexiest Vine of all time. So, beat this, Kim Kardashian. Your move! Check out the Vine below:

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LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 13:33
Bandai released its second batch of Sailor Moon lingerie recently with apparel maker Peach John, and now here are some models showing you how they'll look like in real life.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 13:24
High heels are all fashion, but no function. In fact, it can be disastrous! Here are 6 Vines that prove you can actually end up looking more awkward than glamorous.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 13:17
Selina Meyer from Veep is chock full of great motivational one-liners. Here are some 17 quotes that prove she knows much more about life than you think. Great advice to follow. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 13:01
There are tons of ways to be productive at work. From keeping to-do lists, to organizing your desks, and more, new research is suggesting you take more breaks instead. The idea: Relax for 17 minutes for every 52 minutes.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 12:32
Some body-builders are risking their life by injecting themselves with Synthol to pump up their muscles.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 11:55
How often have you turned your kid down for some play time? Here's a piece of parental motivation from Lunarbaboon. Don't ignore your kid now. You don't have a lot of time left.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 11:08
China is so huge, so it's understandable that we'd probably not know much about the place other than what's on the surface. Here are some 17 facts about the country you probably didn't know.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 18, 2014 11:06
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