Muay Thai Champion Pretends to Be "Nerdy Girl at Gym." Hands Trainers Their A** After [VIDEO]

Germaine Yap doesn't look anything like a Muay Thai champion, which makes her perfect to play the role of a 'nerdy girl' at a Muay Thai gym for this prank. Yap is a professional Muay Thai fighter and Kuala Lumpur's Women's Champion, and she decided to help prank a couple of trainers in this gym.

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One quick and sure-fire way to attract attention both bad and maybe-good, is by using sex as a lure to your restaurant. One Jinan hot pot restaurant in China is offering steep discounts for meals to women who wear skimpy skirts.  Read more
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This beautiful young lady may just be the most gorgeous butcher you'll ever see. She's becoming quite an online sensation right now after being discovered at a market in Taipei. A little fact about her: she gave up college to become a butcher!  Read more
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Need a bitchy face for any occasion? Look no further for inspiration. Here's Blair Waldorf providing you with 18 types of bitchy faces you can use. It's never ending! Check it out below:  Read more
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This dog was just trying to get on with his business. Number 2, shouldn't be that hard. Then this little girl came along. And it turns out, all you really need in life is someone to cheer you on. Well done, little girl. Well done, dog!  Read more
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This is the 'Mewgaroo,' and it lets you put your cat in its pouch for you to carry all day long like a kangaroo! The hoodies was created by Japanese pet supply company Uninhabitat, and it features a cat-sized pouch in the front.  Read more
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Everyone has told a lie or two when it comes to sex, and here are the most common ones. Have you ever been in one of these situations? Check out the lies people have told in the gallery below:  Read more
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Nicki Minaj's contribution to slang is important, but sometimes, it might have gone too far. Her 'Truffle Butter,' is that one time. While she didn't exactly coin it, she sure did bring some attention to it. You might not want to know what it is too.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 25, 2015 11:52
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