This Man is Bringing Back Ancient Archery Techniques, Not Even Legolas Can Compete [VIDEO]

We've all seen archers like Legolas and Katniss in action. And there's no doubt they're really good (in the show and Legolas especially since he's an elf.) But this one guy is putting them all to shame in real-life. His name is Lars Andersson.

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Just when you thought there was only one kind of Ah Lian, but as it turns out according to this video, there are a total of 17! Are you familiar with all of them? Check out the video below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jan 31, 2015 09:11
Here's a must see video for all and it involves saving a choking baby. Actors and comedians get together and lend their voice to this new campaign. Check it out after the jump:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jan 31, 2015 09:09
Here's something old phones can do that new phones can't: play some Jason Mraz! Watch as these two guys masterfully use their keypads to make the tunes to 'I'm yours.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
Believe it or not, but this guy is actually make some real music. Jorge Perez is an expert in the drums. Or the ass-drum. Here he is with his 'drum set' made up of human body parts. Needless to say, the video is pretty NSFW:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
Farts often lead to social embarrassment, and make us feel extremely uncomfortable. However, there were people who recorded these farting incidents in the scroll called He-Gassen (The Fart Battle). The scroll is just about people farting. It also has a few drawings to ridicule westerners towards the end of the Edo period, with images showing the westerners blown away by Japanese farts. Check out some of the drawings here:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
They say honesty is the best policy, but is it really? Would you prefer to not know something if it was going to affect whatever you are going to do after? This is what if women were honest before sex.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 08:52
Ted is back again and with much more mischief than the first one. This might just prove that sometimes, sequels can be better than the first version. Check it out below:  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Jan 31, 2015 08:51
Communication between the opposite sex differs a lot when you're single and then, when you're in a relationship. Here are some examples of how texting changes when you're either or. Check it out!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 30, 2015 13:59
Kesha is definitely not a style icon, but here she is doing something a tad different: she's wearing some black lace mask on her face with a see-through lace top. I'm not sure if this is hot or just Kesha being weird. Can't decide.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 30, 2015 13:34
Planning to dye your hair anytime soon? Want to try something a tad different if you're feeling adventurous? How about 'xpresionpixel'? It's a new dye technique that creates a pixelated effect on hair.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 30, 2015 13:27
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