1. Each entry should be no less than 100 words and no more than 600 words
2. Each entry should be accompanied by at least ONE (1) picture
3. Each entry should be accompanied by at least THREE (3) tags
4. Each entry should be composed on Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers
USING PREWRITEUP - Step by step tutorial

1. Select a category and subcategory
2. Key in title of your article
3. Select publishing date
4. Key in tags at the bottom of your articles
5. To upload an image, click 'Attach'. To insert to article, click 'Insert to Content'
6. To submit, select 'Submit' and click 'OK' when prompted

When writing, you shall not plagiarize, steal, or copy original content from around the web.

Crediting Sources

a) To quote, highlight selection and click the " icon.
    --> Select border color #dddddd and background colour #dddddd. When finished, select 'Insert'


b) You may paraphrase information from your sources with all quotations, and first-hand information taken from other sources are to be credited

c) To credit a source within or at the bottom of the article, highlight your selection and click on this icon:
    Add in the URL, select the "open in new window" box & "blue" link colour before clicking 'Insert'



a) DO NOT TRANSFER TEXT FROM MICROSOFT WORD - If you need to, use Notepad

b) All picture filenames must not have a "space" in it. For eg "my picture.jpg" will not be recognized by the system. Correct file name is "mypicture.jpg" or "my-picture.jpg" or "my_picture"


All articles require an image. If you don't have an image of an event or incident, you may use other pictures which you find most relevant to your article.

a) Images uploaded should not be explicit

b) If you have more than 6 pictures, it may be better to upload them into a gallery so your article won't occupy such a long loading time.

c) To upload a gallery of pictures, click 'Attach' to select your images. Instead of inserting them to the content, select 'Gallery'


--> When the 'Gallery' pop-up appears, select a Width of 600px. At the bottom of the pop-up will be all your uploaded pictures. Highlight all of them and click 'Insert'


a) To upload a video, copy the embed code and paste it into the article via HTML.

b) Articles revolving around a video should include a still-shot of the video. To do this, screen capture (PrtScr), paste to Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop: Crop picture and save as JPEG



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