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Mom was right. It is the most important meal of the day. Many of us skip breakfast for a couple of reasons. We wake up late, and we're rushing off to work. We blame it on the good old "no-time" excuse. Perhaps it's time for a change. Here are 10 reasons you'll want to have breakfast from tomorrow onwards.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 02, 2014 13:51
The Game of Thrones Season 4 finale was everything that diehard fans had been waiting for. But now that its over, that leaves a lot viewers with nothing else better to do but sit tight and just wait for the next season. While we all wait for that to happen, here's a list of things to do that can help you keep occupied:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 02, 2014 13:50
She has a Queen B personality, and she thinks she's all that. She doesn't really have real friends, and those who are hover around her are frienemies. She's not once been sincere, and thinks she's better than everyone else. Here are the annoying habits of chicks who think they are all that.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Oct 02, 2014 13:15
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