The eyes are a strong tool of attraction and for most women like myself, we are not gifted with long lashes and so we are always seeking ways to achieve longer eyelashes. There are many ways to obtain a look of longer lashes which include false lashes, eyelash extensions, and the use of many beauty products. Depending on the method that interests you, they all range in price.

Longer Eyelashes

Immediate and dramatic lashes are easily achieved by a pair of false lashes that can be bought in many drugstores starting at a dollar. For false lashes that are better constructed and feels more natural to the eyes, it can be as expensive as RM40- RM80 for a pair. Regardless of the lashes you wish to use, it is an immediate and quick way to get longer eyelashes which is definitely recommended for a night out. Although false lashes is an immediate way to gain length, you must care for your lashes, remove and reapply after every use. It can get fussy dealing with lash glue and takes a bit of practice to get used to putting on a pair of false lashes.

An expensive, but not so fussy procedure to achieve longer eyelashes is to get eyelash extensions. Prices start at RM200 for the first session of lash extensions which involve individual lashes in the length of your liking glued to fill in your set of natural lashes. This process initially takes an average of an hour and a half and lasts roughly six weeks. If you wish to continue to fill in your lashes after six weeks, it will maintain the long lash look and usually costs less with every visit. It is important when you first get a lash extension to be gentle to your lashes and pat your eyes clean, do not wipe because you will pull these individual lashes off.

If false lashes and lash extension does not fit in your favor, another alternative is beauty products. There are countless numbers of mascaras out there that provide immediate length to a pair of lashes. A personal suggestion is the Benefit They’re Real! mascara that provides dramatic length to your desire. It is important to sample and try out different mascaras because they work differently for each individual. Aside from using mascara, there are many products like Latisse, Activlash, treatments, and plumping serums that longer eyelashes. It is important to do research and ask your doctor of these products are right for you because it is not for everyone. When using these products, it is important for daily use (or as directed) to maintain long lashes.

Longer Eyelashes – The Conclusion

To those individuals who strive to the dramatic look without naturally long lashes, we are able to find comfort in the many beauty products and treatments that are available in many different forms. Be sure to explore, do research, read reviews, ask for recommendations and try out the many different products and procedures that provide longer eyelashes to find the one that is right for you.