Australian fishermen in the local Tasmanian coast, capture one weighing seven kilograms of giant crab and 100 times larger than the average crab is show in the UK's largest crab. The local fishermen caught a total of three giant crabs, and 3000 pounds (about RM 14,726 ringgit) sold to the British "Sea Life" Aquarium, the largest crab alone, crab will be up to 38 cm. The museum staff intended to create the giant crab of 3 meter high, 1.8 meters wide, custom sink, to accommodate its huge stature. It is said that the crab is still growth and is expected to grow up to adult weight is 2 times. The museum staff use squid, shrimp and other food to feed them, and its two "friends", will be sent to Birmingham, England and Berlin, Germany, "Sea Life" aquarium exhibit.