Hello there.As for my second post,I would like to share my little experience regarding to my PC.I own a second-hand IBM R51 laptop,which i have used it for about 2 years and I hope I could have more time to spend with it.Well folks,some of you might know that R51 was an very old laptop(It ages 6 years ++ if I were not mistaken),so there are times(many times!) where I have to crack my head to cure it.I don't know whether to thank my PC because it's the reason why I learn these tips to have it at tip top condition.

Back to the topic.I once encountered a problem where I couldn't open .exe files.FYI,there are many different files extensions,far more than you would know:exe,zip,rar,mp3,bin,lnk,etcetera...All these files need certain command/program to execute it,and .exe is the executable file.Every program that we use needs to be executed with .exe file,so inability to open it will become a 2nd-class disaster in your PC!(What's first-class disaster then?That is when your PC won't boot~)

I have referred may forums and sites on tips to solve this problem,but to no avail.One of the solutions I've found involves altering registry value,(but sorry I need to recall it,will share to you guys later on)yet I still can't open .exe files.Found devastated,I almost forget that there is another solution to open it!

First,open any directory in your PC,look for "Tools" tab,click on "Folder Options".
You will see there are few tabs available,the one we're looking for is "File Types" tab.
Then you will get a list of file extensions with file types.Scroll through the list and look for .exe extension if any.
Well if not,you will create one.Click on "New",and type in "exe" in the box shown.Click on the "Advanced" tab,and choose "Application" type.When you're done,click "OK" and close it.

Voila~!Your .exe files can be executed again,just like before!
This trick may be applied to other file extensions,provided you know which file type is associated to it.
Hope this guide will help you all,see you next time,thank you.