No girlfriends would be happy if they knew their boyfriends are cheating on her. But it is better to know it sooner. Here are few useful tips on detecting dishonest boyfriend.

1.       1     He won’t let you touch or check his phone, laptop even you had coupled with him for   years.

2.       2  Lack to intimacy. He might allow you to hold his hand if you are in public.

3.       3  He avoids you. He might try to avoid you wherever possible. He would give you thousand excuses to avoid going out with you.

4.     4     He never answers his phone around you. He often goes to toilet or hides at any place for a while just to answer his phone or texting his other girlfriend.

5.       5  He changed! He is suddenly criticizes you more. In some situation the cheating boyfriend would became too nice, too good to his girlfriend. Or vice versa.