It's usually the women's fashion that gets heads turning and people giggling, but this time the men's fashion has stolen the limelight at Milan Fashion Week 2011. Normally, you'd expect to see lots of suits, shirts and the same old same old but here's a sample of the strange and unusual designs featured. 


Emporio Armani Spring 2011 presented men's monokinis, a swimwear cut usually reserved for the women. Attractive as these men may be, it's slightly laughable to see them like this. 


Leggings for men = meggings. Also by Emporio Armani (hmm, i'm seeing a trend here), they sent these boys down the runway clad in these meggings and boy, does it look strange.

Crop tops

My mother would say "Tak cukup kain ka?" The men at Calvin Klein Spring 2011 were showing off their sculpted abs in these too short t-shirts. The average man would probably stay far away from this one, because unless you're hitting the gym 7 times a week, you'd be receiving more than a sideways giggle at your paunch.