We all know how important it is to eat a proper diet and lost those extra pounds. For many people this is difficult at best. Here are some simple tips that you can put into action immediately to eliminate 200-300

 calories a day and begin losing weight now.

Always eat a good breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not a good weight loss plan. Studies over the years have proved this over and over. Here are some ideas on eating a good breakfast without all the calories.

-Use lowfat or no fat milk instead of whole mild.
-Eliminate the butter and replace it with a low calorie spread.
-Use a no calorie sweetener in coffee or cereals instead of sugar.
-East a bowl of fresh fruit such as strawberries, bananas, peaches, etc.
-Use a smaller bowl for your cereal, or measure out one cup to reduce portion size.
-Use sugar free syrup instead of regular maple syrup.
-Put sugar free jelly on your toast or bagel instead of the regular brands.

Lunch And Dinner
It's so easy to get hunger cravings around lunch and dinner time and then eat like a horse. Here are some ideas to help with weight loss, but still let you eat the foods you like.

-Cook up a veggie burger instead of a hamburger. If you haven't tried one of these yet you may be surprised at how good they taste.
-Bake or grill your meats, chicken and fish instead of frying.

-Instead of pouring the salad dressing over your lettuce, put some dressing in a small cup and dip your fork in it first.
-Use whole wheat instead of white bread.
-Limit your meat sizes to those the size of a deck of cards, which are 4 ounces.
-Use reduced fat cheese in any recipes calling for cheese.
-For gilled sandwiches, use non-stick spray and leave off the butter.
-Have a chef salad for lunch instead of that hamburger or taco meal deal.
-Substitute fruit slices for those greasy, salty french fries.
-Having taco or burritos for dinner? Buy the smaller tortillas instead of the bigger size.
-Use low fat sour cream and 1% cottage cheese instead of regular.
-Make tuna salad with fat-free mayonnaise.
-Leave the croutons and bacon bits off your salad.
-Cut out the dinner rolls, bread and crackers as much as possible.
-Steam cook your vegetables instead of cooking them in a pan with butter.
-Use lemon instead of high calorie tartar sauce on your fish.
-Avoid all those super sized meal deals.

Most people don't realize how many calories and carbohydrates are in a can or bottle of soda. Look at the labels and you will see what I mean. Here are some ideas on cutting down calories with beverages.

-Always drink diet soda. This tip alone can eliminate 100-500 calories a day if you're a soda drinker. It can certainly go a long way towards weight loss.
-Use a no calorie sweetener in your ice tea.
-Drink more bottled water when you can.
-Select sugar free fruit juices.
-When drinking sodas from fast food restaurants, choose the small or medium size instead of the mammoth super size.

If you'll just put several of these ideas into use, you will cut your calorie intake and lose weight. While some of these ideas may not sound glamorous, they work. In order to get where you want to be you'll need to make some changes. It may seem difficult at first, but it gets much easier as you go on. One things for certain, you'll love the results.